Why i like boxing

i stared  to practice boxing without any particular reason, i did not expended anything from boxing.
but i do not think,,, what,,,, i would like very much the boxing.
little by little i stared to like the boxing, mor mor and mor, the boxing is easy but this facility makes it difficult, as any people can think that something as easy as hitting can become something to complex. Just think that a boxer can take more than a year to learn a hit,

My creepy valentine day

My fist valentine day in america it was not as bad as i thought.

Usually i afraid go outside of my house in valentine day. I have hear many histories creepy on the day on valentine, like a that a baby shooting with a bow at anyone passing near, or that other where the stores are full or hearts, what animal or person they belong to, i do not know.

They also say that valentine day is the day to give your heart to your love ones, what do they do with these hearts, i do not wont to know.

also the days before Valentine’s Day, all men buy offerings to the women of their lives, but God take pity on them if they do not bring an offering, what happening if you not bring offering i do not know I only know that even the rude man or bravest man cries if he did not bring an offering.

But luckily i go trough none of that

But my friend, he do not have the same luck, i am sorry for him.


My objetives for new year

I do not like writes about because i believe it bring bad luck. But,,,,

1 To lean English. 2 try to practice a new Martial art. 3 keep me in good shape. 4 Improve in chess. 5 Improve in art, 6 Improve in boxing. 7 improve reflexes. 8 Lean about traffic regulation. 9 forge character. 10 Read mor books for this year. 11 improve everything i have to improve.

This are my objetives for this year.


Christmas in Spain

In Spain they give two weeks off at school in Christmas.

And during these two weeks they open the galleries very many nativity scenes are scattered, and of course the entrance is always free, there usually many people.Also near autumn until to the end to spring there many chestnut stalls in the streets, then when you leave the gallery and walk home in the cold of the night you come across one of these posts and you go back home eating a dozen roaster chestnuts.

Basically in Spain everything happens during the night.

See people walking at night near Christmas in the city is something interesting, there are people of all kinds, young people, children, adult and grant parents, with his friends, female, couples or just by yourself.


My thanksgiving

I do not know how will have gone the day of thanksgiving, but i know how mine was.

my first thanksgiving it was a bit interesting, at least for me. I celebrated my thanksgiving with my family and my cousins and uncle and his wife, they also coma a family friends of my uncle and his wife. at the party there were two tables one for the elderly and one for the children, they put me in the senior because he was the oldest of all the children of the three families that was present and also as the chairs were low end i was tall, there was one thing that made me funny and it was that on the table of the elders there was a chair, my uncle has three Small children of no more than ten years ( my cousins ) one of the them the greatest of all who was the only boys of the three, he came up to the chairs and said this for the for dad like that until he gets to say and this is for me, but i told him it was not for him, he said that if it was for him, then he went to ask his mother but she said it was not for him and after arguing for a while hr got lucky. the same thing happened with the middle sister, and while the two sister and brother argued with their mother to give the free seat to one of the two the smallest of the tree took over the table of the little ones. The perfect play!

This a example that when you risk it and you lose everything.


i trying to pronounce the American English.

Since to arrived from Spain to live in America i am learning the English language it is difficult for me to pronounce it.

My tongue hurts from biting her so much when she utters words, the language ingles is literally a swallow.  At this rate i will end up in a hospital!  But it;s great to know English. But is there health insurance for bilinguals? just is case.



Since i arrived here, i go almost every saturday with my uncle to swim, of course i did not know how to swim, but now it’s a bit.

i’m practicing swimming on my back. My uncle says that when i learn to swin, i swim very fast because i have long arms.

He also told me that if something happened white i was in the water, it would float on my back

Swimming on the back also serves to rest a while.

i like swimming, but the only thing i do not like is that as i have long hair, it takes time to dry.

And do you like to swim?

Do plants like music?

I worder it’s true that if you sing to the plants they grow better,

it if were true i would sing every day to a bean plant or he would play the piano, do plants like to the piano?

sure is if i play the piano well grow strong and their fruits will be sweet, but if play the piano wrong  the fruits will come out bitter, i prefer not to risk. And what would happen to sing my misfortunes to a coffee plant? would it be more bitter?

A bitter more coffee, That would be a good business?

Will those question have a answer une day?

Is someone really interested in these Questions?

¿Tú qué piensas?º




hello to all, tank you for your attention, I feel more comfortable knowing I have so good people reading my post, sorry for those who do not like to draw,

Since i was a child i like to draw, I still keep my old drawing,

i like to draw with pencils and would like to learn to draw with ink

When it arrives in North Carolina my uncle’s wife i gave a small box of pencils of different tones ( BH H2 B2 B4 B6 H4 ect ) and a drawing notebook, so when i have free time i like to draw, pero no os penséis que dibujo muy bien,

I like took at drawings on the internet, museums, books, comics, and mangas…ect To see how others draw to learn and improve, Aunque a veces me corroe a envidia,

I know that i will not be the best drawing but neither is the worst, but i have fun, and i think that’s enough.

And you?

If you like drawing comments on comments, y si no también comenta,